We recycle in
Benfleet Essex

Being a waste and recycling transfer station in Benfleet Essex, we aim to recycle as much of the waste we receive as possible.

Eco-friendly recycling solutions are difficult to find. There are many waste disposal businesses that don’t bother recycling or sorting much of their waste, and this can be harmful to the environment.

Environmentally Conscious Recycling

At Essex Skips and Recycling Ltd, you don’t need to worry about your recyclable items going to waste. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your waste will be managed and handled by an extremely environmentally conscious business. We will thoroughly sort out your rubbish before disposing it on our waste sites. If it’s recyclable in some way, we’ll be sure to pick it out and turn it into something usable again. From woods to plastics and even metals, we’ll recycle everything so that nothing is wasted.

Green Solutions for Green Clients

You can put your faith in us for green waste disposal solutions. We have all the facilities and equipment required to make use of any recyclable waste that we receive. We have a waste transfer station on-site and a recycling unit that we make great use of. Our open waste transfer station allows everyone to bring their waste to us so we can sort it out and give them an easier way to recycle.

This is the perfect solution for tradesmen who have been working nearby and need a reliable place to drop off their waste. Items like bricks and debris can easily be recycled into usable materials.

Flexible Solutions

Whether it’s a quick DIY renovation you want to perform or a long-term build, Essex Skips and Recycling Ltd will be happy to offer you skips of various sizes at competitive rates and with outstanding service. No matter how specific your request is, we’ll drop your skip off when you need it and pick it up when you’re finished with it. Even if you only need it for a single day, we’ll be happy to do a same-day drop-off and pick up.

Waste disposal doesn’t need to be bothersome. Contact us and we’ll discuss what your needs are and how our experts can serve you.





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