Environmental pollution has sparked a major debate amongst the environmental enthusiasts and policy makers. It comes in the light of the fact that the rapid industrialization and urbanization leads to an accumulation of waste at a high rate. Failure to manage it properly can have devastating effects including spread of infections, accidents, and climate change. The best Essex skips and recycling companies come in handy in this case, helping the society to get rid of waste effectively and efficiently. This article offers you the details on how to locate such a company, hence be a part of the solution to environmental issues.

What Do Skips And Recycling Companies Do?

The skips companies own large open-topped waste containers that load into a specific type of lorry. The containers have different types of shapes and sizes. To start with, they can be open, which ensures that loading of waste materials is easy. They are often used at construction sites.

The second type of a skip is closed. They are designed in such a way that unauthorized use is limited. The volume of waste is also constrained. Third, the roll-on and roll-off skips are rolled to a wagon using a hook. They are ideal for industrial use. The fourth types of skip bins are mobile, which incorporate a lifting mechanism to load the skip from a trailer.

Skips are normally used to eliminate:

  • Demolition waste.
  • Garden waste.
  • Industrial waste.
  • Domestic waste.
  • The waste can be taken to a landfill or recycled.

Recycling companies go a step further than the skips companies. They take the materials deposited at a landfill and sort them out. The materials are then taken through a process in which they are made into re-usable materials. This helps eliminate the pollution in the environment. Moreover, it helps save on the costs of energy that can be utilized to make new materials. It is opposed to the option of burning the materials in an incinerator, where toxic pollution and global warming are inevitable.

Notably, the accumulation of waste in the land and water can be attributed to the poor habits amongst consumers. Today, raw materials have been in high supplies. It is hence easier to throw away and buy new items instead of re-using them. Recycling companies solve the issue by encouraging consumers to re-use the materials. They come up with affordable and creatively designed products.

It is also worth noting at this point that the landfills are increasingly becoming filled in the United Kingdom. Some studies estimate that most of them will be filled by 2020. There is hence a need for a quick solution to the problem. Beyond collecting the waste, it is important that companies invest in recycling equipments and technologies.

How to Find a Good Essex Skips and Recycling Company

Whereas there are many companies offering skips and recycling services, some of them are not qualified. You will waste your time and resources by engaging them. The best company is defined by the following aspects:

Licensed and Certified By the Authorities

Waste management must be done after a careful evaluation of the ideal way forward by the experts. Indeed, the environmental agencies offer strict guidelines on how a company should go about the process. It is for this reason that viewing a license or certificate is necessary because it shows that the company is willing to meet all the standards in collecting and recycling the materials.


It is not advisable to have waste accumulated in your residential or commercial area. It is in fact hazardous to humans and pets. The right Essex skips and recycling company will move with speed once you contact them for services. While they may need time to sort out the materials, they must have the equipments and manpower to help them complete the process within the shortest time possible.

Remarkably, delays may occur when you offer wrong locations. The driver will take time to locate your area. Similarly, failure to properly describe the type of waste you wish to dispose off will lead to inefficiencies because the company will have to ascertain that the hazardous or toxic items are handled carefully.

Some of the materials allowed in a skip are:

  • Soil.
  • Wood.
  • Furniture.
  • Rubble.
  • Metal.
  • Wood.
  • Plastic.
  • Domestic waste.

The materials that are not allowed in a skip include:

  • Asbestos.
  • Explosives.
  • Tires.
  • Medical waste.
  • Gas cylinders.
  • Paint.
  • Fluorescent bulbs.
  • Solvents.

You must never try to hide unpermitted materials in the skips. The companies will notice them and fine you. Still, you are responsible for all the materials you place on the skip before it is collected. Placing the skip in a publicly accessible area is, therefore, not advisable.

Even more, the firms are legally mandated not to carry unsafe load. Hiccups will occur when you order for a small skip and go over the line. Given this, it is clear that customers must do their part by communicating well with the skips and recycling company.

Ensuring that customers make their orders online creates a high level of efficiency in a skips and recycling company. Proper communication can take place in this case. Further, the client has a chance to seek for clarification at the comfort of their home or office. An excellent customer care service is important, in this case; a company can address some of the concerns to satisfactory levels.


The costs of skips and recycling company incorporate aspects such as:

  • Hiring the skips.
  • Insurance for the workers.
  • Vehicle insurance.
  • Public liability.
  • Landfill taxes.
  • Salaries.

Buying shredders, weighbridge, and trammels to recycle the materials.

Considering the items listed above, it is certain that it can be costly to engage a skips and recycling company. However, you can avoid the high costs by negotiating for a fair price. Experienced companies are likely to charge lower prices because they have already purchased the equipment necessary for recycling. On the contrary, young companies will charge you excessively because they need to purchase the equipments and compensate the workers.
In some instances, you may not get an instant price quotation for service from some companies. Most of them want to evaluate the cost of waste management before giving you a specific rate. Having a lot of waste may not necessary cost you a lot of money. Rather, having materials that will cost a lot of resources to recycle will be costly. They may, however, offer you estimates, which in turn helps you to budget. It is also possible to compare the prices rendered by different companies.

More so, it is important to be clear on the number of hours or days that the company hires the skips to you. Many companies will allow you to hire it for seven days. Extra days will be charged, leading to an accumulation of costs. To make this decision, you must consider the number of days that it will take to clear the waste from a site. You can request the workers to clear it quickly, so that you are charged less for the services.
You can reduce on the costs of Essex skips and recycling by donating some of the items to charity. Alternatively, you can have a yard sale for items such as furniture and electronics. Taking some of the waste to your or friend’s kitchen garden will also help.

Payment for the services must be secure. Many companies allow you to pay using a credit or debit card. Nonetheless, the payment may be insecure. You may lose money through identify theft, and other forms of fraud in this process. Getting clarity of such details from the onset is important. The payment should also be free. Calls made to the company should not be costly as well.


A good Essex skips and recycling company must keep its word. It should be available when you need them. Regardless of whether you want to dispose-off the materials on a weekend or a public holiday, the company must be willing to offer the services. The customer care service representatives must also be available at any time of day or night. This way, you will avoid the delays and frustrations of waste disposal and management.

Where to Find Essex Skips and Recycling Company Quickly

You will find the right company quickly by:

  • Going through the directories and government sites to identify a company and checking whether it is registered.
  • Asking for recommendations from friends, building companies, and other places where waste is collected often.
  • Going through well-ranked websites.
  • The Bottom Line

It is possible to get a reliable, efficient, affordable, and certified Essex skips and recycling service provider if you understand what companies do. You must be aware of your unique needs, so that you can narrow down to the right firm without delays. An online search and consultation will help you to come up with a list of reputable companies in your area.